Vacant Strip, 2016 & National Anthem, 2017 (Confession of Love for KATUSA/Love Affair)

“When I returned to Korea in 2004, I began to question the place of Western painting in Korea and how it had become so established in the Korean art world. The postwar renewal of Korea, which commenced with the spread of cheap American military surplus, has evolved to a certain extent, but has also been distorted by fantasies about Western culture and then by a kind of sycophantism. One aspect of the distortion is consolidated when Korean cultural identity is seemingly defined by the West. This phenomenon reflects on my own personal weaknesses, a trouble that cannot be solved. Vacant Strip and National Anthem emblematize this chaos by staging a strip show without dancers, along with renditions of the Korean National Anthem by an American soldier and the Star-Spangled Banner by a Korean soprano.” Cody Choi

National Anthem – Confession of Love for KATUSA and LOVE Affair
Two Videos and Monitors, 1.5 min, Loop

Vacant Strip
Stainless Steel, Gold Plate
150×210 cm

The Gift Exchange 2
Made in USA Tire Rubber, Korean Cast Iron, Rope, Children Shoes, Marker Pen, Wood
38.1×22.86×50.8 cm

Dance in Big Country
Photo Collage