"I am very interested in propaganda images from the past. In the past, power controlled the people. The fact that this system is still valid led me to appropriate propaganda images in my attempt to show Korea. My parents' generation lived through the days of rebuilding and developing the country left in ruins by the Korean War. The American lifestyle that the country saw in the post-Japanese colonial era became an example for Korea. "For a Better Tomorrow," "Export is the only way out," and "Today's sweat is tomorrow's happiness" are some slogans from the time. The Korean government, at the time, promoted propaganda slogans and images that promised a better tomorrow as a result of one's hard work in the present. Time passed, and now we are living that future. But look at our country today." Lee Wan

    For a Better Tomorrow
    Plastic, 60x70x70cm

    For a Better Tomorrow
    Oil on Canvas, 418x366cm