THE THINKER, 1995-96

    "The Thinker series is probably the most representative work from my years in New York. For some two decades beginning in my student days, I threw myself into research on Western art, accruing as much knowledge as I could. I soon came to the realization, however, that I would never become “Western” and, equally and oppositely, that Western artists could never really come to terms with my artistic universe and ways of thinking. In other words, we may know, yet never quite understand, each other. I found that the difficulty I experienced living for twenty years as an immigrant in America posed a fundamental “problem” analogous to having a hard time digesting food. The Thinker is a response to my experience and realization." Cody Choi
    The Thinker
    Toilet Paper, Pepto-Bismol, Wood
    Courtesy of ARARIO MUSEUM
    Installation View at Korean Pavilion, Venice