Cheesekwha – Color Painting, 2016-17

“Cheesekwha – color painting expresses my doubts about the whole project of monochrome painting, recently elevated as the signature genre of Korean contemporary art. Monochrome paintings have never represented Korean art, and the fad for them was created by the commercial art market. Cheesekwha – color painting also illustrates the circumstantial confusion that “paintings” present to a conceptual artist. The work is a demonstration of the chaos I experienced juggling the two practices, which focus, respectively, on visual factors (emotions or “right brain”) and thinking (reason or “left brain”). By contrasting the rationality of words with emotional signification of the colors used to paint the words on the canvas, I recreate the slippery and chaotic dependence of the two modes.” Cody Choi

Delirium Trigger – BLACK
Oil, Acrylic and Vutek Ink on Canvas

Cheesekwha (Color Painting) – Violet
Oil on Canvas
140×115 cm

Cheesekwha (Color Painting) – Red
Oil on Canvas
124.3×161.7 cm
Installation View at Korean Pavilion, Venice