A Diligent attitude towards a meaningless thing, 2017

“Anyone can make what we call Minjung art. It is not a specific artistic genre, but rather an artistic phenomenon, arising from certain circumstances. In my personal opinion, even the act of selecting the angry face emoji on a Facebook posting can be called Minjung art. […] Frankly speaking, I am not at all interested in Dansaekhwa. I find ZERO group’s experimental art more interesting than Dansaekhwa. (ZERO was a group of artists in Germany, and Dansaekhwa has its roots in their concept.) One must be more interested in how images become history than in the responses of the art market. […] Most of the paintings from this series sold after the solo exhibition in February. That means my paintings now have commercial value in the art market. Exchange value is equivalent to significance and meaning in markets.” Lee Wan

A Diligent Attitude Towards a Meaningless Thing
Oil on Canvas, 72.7×90.9 cm

A Diligent Attitude Towards a Meaningless Thing
Acrylic on Panel, 440×440 cm